Friday, April 27, 2007

Mashups and Unified Desktops

A few days back Todd Biske has written this nice blog post on Composite Applications, Mashups, Widgets and Gadgets. I think now the industry has somewhat in agreement that composite apps and mashups mean the same, but mashups are more used in the context of web based presentation of composite applications. Lot is being spoken about about Enterprise Mashups at present. I think the simplicity (its all about javascript,DHML and XML) of the technology would slowly eat away the Portal Technology market.

There seems to be a growing demand in organizations for creating "Unified Desktop" for the employees. The requirement is to create a single user interface to access basic features of all kinds of applications in the enterprise. Sometime back I was dealing with such an requirement from a leading online trading firm. The requirement is to build an "Unified Agent Desktop" for the customer care representatives, which would have case management workflows along with the access to multiple applications they use, to manage the cases.

Dashboard Gadgets and Widgets should hopefully make this simpler in the future. Application Vendors should provide these Application Widgets/Gadgets to their customers along with the applications or organizations can develop them based on their simplicity.

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