Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Advice from Bruce..

Bruce Eckel has an excellent blog post based on his commencement address for Neumont University.

Some intresting points mentioned...

50-80% of programming projects fail. These numbers are so broad because people don't brag about their failures, so we have to guess. In any event, this makes the world sound pretty unreliable

5% of programmers are 20x more productive than the other 95%

You must learn continuously and teach yourself new technologies

Code is read much more than it is written. If people can't read your story, they can't improve it or fix it. Unreadable code has a real cost, and we call it 'technical debt'.

Code reviews are the most effective ways to find software defects, and yet we usually 'don't have time for them'.

Here are some more which many people have seriously believed(myths):
- Companies don't have to make a profit anymore. It's the new economy.
- Real estate always goes up, even if salaries don't.
- Or even: A university must be a traditional campus and not an office building.

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